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Alfred's Paleo Plan: Unearth the flavors of our ancestral diet. No grains, dairy, or processed sugars here. Instead, savor premium proteins, vibrant veggies, and natural fats. It's primal, pure, and positively delicious.

Contains meat, eggs, poultry and seafood, fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, and heart-healthy fats.
You can expect to lose weight, build muscle, and get in your best shape safely and naturally.
You won’t find legumes, dairy, grains, refined sugar or processed foods.

Paleo Sample Menu


Sweet Potato and Spinach Frittata
Kale Caesar Salad | Paleo Croutons | Grilled Shrimp
Grilled Steak | Chimichurri | Roasted Cauliflower
Green Detox Smoothie
Paleo Banana Walnut Muffin


Jicama Breakfast Tacos | Avocado | Tomatillo Salsa
Kale Caesar Salad | Paleo Croutons | Ahi Tuna
Grilled Lamb Chops | Mint Sauce | Ratatouille
Mango Mint Smoothie
Apple Cinnamon Paleo Cookies


Paleo Almond Flour Blueberry Pancakes
Grilled Chicken Salad | Avocado | Lemon Olive Oil Dressing
Herb Roasted Chicken | Cauliflower Puree
Fresh Berry Mint Smoothie
Paleo Chocolate Hazelnut Bites